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Jiangxi Aili is a professional precision casting and forging heavy equipment spare parts manufacture, established in 1980. It’s committed to providing ground engaging tools solutions for global dear partners. Heavenly reward, after 40 years of continuous development and innovation, Aili has become Chinese leading and world-renowned manufacturer of G.E.T spare parts.

Aili’s core value is Cherishing every employee and customer, offer win-win to all and make contributions to the society.

Aili Organizational structure is complete, professional R&D, technical departments, QC department ,24hours sales department and after sales department,experienced workers. Aili would always think what customers think, provide you with a whole solution, so that you can purchase without any worries.


  • Celebrate the National Day, bless our motherland!

    It’s another golden October,and it’s a season full of harvests,After going through several hardships,the motherland stands tall in the east of the world with its strong and unyielding backbone.We are proud,we are proud to have a sing for a strong motherland. We will be coming that The 73rd anniv...

  • Safety first, safety management -Aili

         Safety is very important in our In daily life,Especially in factory,Aili leaders usually do safety exercises. Today Aili team are making Emergency rescue drill activities,Everyone was very positive and took the drill seriously,They listened carefully to every detail of the teacher,  

  • Moon Festival

    This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival is a special day,Because the day is not only moon Festival ,but also is teachers’ day on 10th September.Happy holidays to all teachers in the world。 First Let’s talk about the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a tradi...